HautStyle – responsive blog

HautStyle is a design inspiration blog that we’ve been following for years now. They provide a good insight on design, arts, illustrations… They’ve recently done some major revamp work, and now provide a beautiful and fast responsive blog that can be easily accessible from smartphones, tablets etc…Responsive blog

Responsive Blog

Hautstyle is a very good example of what a good responsive blog should be. The interface break points are not device related but content related. This mean that the columns move around and adjust when the content is breaking; not to a set of defined sizes to fit an iPad, a specific Samsung tablet or model XYZ with high res screen. This way the content is always shown the best way possible regardless of the device it is viewed on. It’s in our view the best approach to build a future proof responsive blog. Have a look at HautStyle for great design inspiration and find out how good a responsive blog example it is…

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