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HautStyle design inspiration blog

HautStyle design inspiration blog is an interesting and quite known blog which has been running since 2009 providing its followers with the latest trends in the design and arts industry. HautStyle recently asked our team to upgrade their blog to make it responsive and future proof. As most blogs these days, HautStyle is running on WordPress. The team had to be extremely careful in keeping the content intact whilst developing the upgrade. Following some advices found on seo4searchengine.co.uk¬†we had to carefully modify the paths of the various URL to make them more SEO friendly. We used 301 redirects so the existing page ranked in Google wouldn’t be lost in the upgrade. The project is also as future proof as possible as the breaking points in the media queries weren’t device based like most companies do, but content based. This means that devices upgrade or new devices should enjoy beautiful and adapted design whatever their sizes or screen resolutions. Hautstyle design inspiration blog is now live, responsive, fast and is receiving lots of positive feedback…


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